A wasp nest in your house: what now?

wasps. Many people are afraid of them, some are allergic to them, but whatever you think of wasps, one thing is certain: a wasp nest in the house, or in the neighborhood, is very bad. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this. Wasp control Zwolle, wasp control Rotterdam, anywhere you can remove a wasp nest. Below are also some quick tips if you do indeed have a wasp nest nearby.

The first steps

First of all, make sure you and your roommates are safe. This may sound a bit dramatic, but wasps can still do quite a bit of damage. So make sure everyone has been tested for wasp allergy, and if it really gets too bad, arrange a temporary stay until the problem is solved. Another stay is temporarily necessary when the pest control comes, because that is not a process that you can be at home for.

The professionals

Wasps are a fear for many people. The insects are different from bees, which sting only once before dying. Wasps can sting multiple times. A wasp does not sting just like that either; only if he feels threatened. Wasps are a bit more aggressive than bees, so they may also feel threatened more quickly. A wasp nest is best removed by professionals, because they also know what they are doing. Especially with a wasp nest in a difficult corner, in an attic or in a gutter, it is important that you do not get started with it yourself. They are insects, but a group of wasps is still dangerous, especially if you are also on a height or are balancing. Professionals also wear protective clothing and have means that ensure that the wasps do not become aggressive. The municipality also often has to give permission for the removal of a wasp nest. So it is often better to leave it to professionals.

So don’t worry too much if you are bothered by wasps. Although it sucks, people are trained to remove things like wasp nests gently and without damage. So make sure you have somewhere to go while this is happening, make sure no one is allergic (and if anyone is, keep them away from it) and the professionals are able to help. do what they are called to do. Then it will be all right.

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